Vayal Team

   • Gurumoorthy – A reserved nature person who loves to talk to his mom and daughter. Would take some time to mingle and when he does he shall be known for his one liner phrases. He was the man who funded Vayal Organic Store abundantly and never questioned for the expenses incurred. Initial days were tough for the store to manage even the running expenses of the store.
      He stood as a pillar of support with a firm belief that this store will flourish in the future even though the store suffered huge losses in the initial days. With every expansion of the store name it space expansion or a branch expansion he remained the primary funder who would give away all his salary for the store’s growth and development. Once the store tasted success, he quit his job and became integral part of Vayal Organic Store. Loves to spend time with family in his village.
• Hema Gurumoorthy – She’s the founder of Vayal Organic Store. It was Hema’s vision to start an organic store that sells authentic organic produce and products at affordable rates. She’s a staunch believer that health can be gained through health food and holistic lifestyle. She loves adventures and challenges. She juggles between Mugappair, AnnaNagar stores and her organic farm. Her life revolves around her daughter playing and wishing for more hours in a day!!! Loves to plan trees, grow a home garden and has interest in conserving ancient temples. A perfect busy bee for whom sleeping is also in the to-do list!!!
• Vasu – She manages the online aspects of the business. The Facebook business page is handled by her from the write-ups to the images. She blogs and ponders and what should go to the social media. When she doesn’t think of work, she’s busy cooking and relishing all that she has cooked with family. Loves to read books, believes in holistic life style and trusts in traditional practises. Loves to chit-chat with like-minded people, engage herself in gardening, painting, playing with kids and loves to cycle where she can do that at peace!!!
• The Team – Our store personnel are responsible for arranging the products in the shelves, packing and processing online orders. We follow a stringent practise for online orders, however anything messed up – this team takes up every responsibility to ensure to make you smile. Cheers to Vayal’s team!!!